It took me two hours, but I found the London alley where Dylan and Ginsberg stood in Subterranean Homesick Blues. — Otis Gibbs (@OtisGibbs) July 21, 2014

I visited a church in Bean Blossom, Indiana yesterday. You may have seen the news stories of it being vandalized. This area has always been special to me. I shook hands with Bill Monroe across the street from this church… Continue Reading

Breakfast in northern Georgia. The waitress keeps calling me Yankee and we're the youngest people in the place. You can have your overpriced, overhyped, artisan, lifestyle joints that the NY Times raves about, I'll take mom and pop restaurants like… Continue Reading

Picking Wildwood Flower on Wayne Kramer's stratocaster. Brother Wayne knows a thing or two about revolution, so I figured this would make a good 4th of July photo. Happy 4th to you and yours! A photo posted by Otis Gibbs… Continue Reading