I went a little out of my way this weekend, so I could drive down Route 66 in Missouri. Best decision I made all week.


Beautiful old American Legion Hall on a very cold morning in Iberia, Missouri.


100 year old swinging bridge in Missouri. It’s 500 feet long, made of wood, wire and good intentions. It has gravel roads leading to each end. As I drove the car across, you could feel it swing back and forth. The boards are rotten and when you look down you can see the river rushing below. Not for the faint of heart. I recommend looking for videos on Youtube.


Abandoned gas station in Anna, Illinois.


Abandoned hotel sign in Anna, Illinois.


This is the hotel I stayed at in Osage Beach, Missouri. Super nice people, mom and pop owned. I’m happy to recommend it to others.


I stopped into Jonesboro, Illinois to visit the site of the third Lincoln vs Douglas debate. It’s a beautiful little town. It’s the sort of place you could talk me into moving to someday.


Jon Dee Graham sighting, backstage in Osage Beach, Missouri.


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