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Some of you may remember that I recently turned 50. My friends told me to throw a party, but I'm not much of a party guy. I decided to celebrate by doing something creative. So, my buddy, Thomm Jutz brought over some gear and we celebrated my birthday by recording an album in my living room. It was my favorite birthday ever. I pulled together a few snapshots I've taken while traveling the back roads of America and put together this video thingy. The album is called Mount Renraw and it will be released in January, but let's be honest, I'll sell the dang thing to ya right now and get it to ya in time for Christmas. I'll post a buy link in the comments. This is a true grass roots effort, so I need your help getting the word out. Please share this with your friends and please share this with your favorite travel site/group.
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Episode 140: Behind Closed Doors

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Legendary engineer, Lou Bradley shares memories of recording Charlie Rich’s classic album, Behind Closed Doors. Lou shares stories about Charlie Rich, Billy Sherrill, Pig Robbins and everyone else involved in making this all time classic album.

I visited a church in Bean Blossom, Indiana yesterday. You may have seen the news stories of it being vandalized. This area has always been special to me. I shook hands with Bill Monroe across the street from this church when I was a little kid, (that's another story). The lady in the photo is Phyllis and she volunteers at the church and she couldn't have been more warm and kind to me. The church has a reputation of welcoming anyone regardless of skin color, faith or who you love. I told her that I just wanted the folks who visit this church to know that they aren't alone. I've never had any use for churches or religions, but I'm still in their corner. Anyone who ruffles the feathers of these right wing hate groups must be doing something right. She told me about an older member of the congregation who escaped from Germany in WW2 who was particularly startled when she saw the swastika spray painted on the side of the church. She also showed me a wall filled with printed out messages of support from all over the world. She said they are going to continue welcoming anyone and everyone. It's what they do. Even the people who vandalized their building are welcome to come to their services. I think Phyllis is beautiful in every way and I wish she lived next door to me. I told her that I have more questions than answers and I'm not sure how we get past all of this ugliness, but history will be kind to those of us who oppose bigotry, misogyny and authoritarianism. I think that's what most of us are trying to do.

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