When I first moved to Nashville, I got an email from John Lomax wanting to buy some CDs. I figured it was some other John Lomax, it couldn’t be THE John Lomax. Low and behold, a few hours later, there was John Lomax standing in my living room. It was one of many great “welcome to Nashville” moments.

I can’t imagine what American music would be like without his family’s influence.

I later became friends with John and he’s about the coolest cat you’ll ever meet. This is an interview from back in 2014. It originally aired on my podcast and this is my attempt to adapt it to YouTube. John was Townes Van Zandt’s manager back in the day, so I asked him to share whatever stories he’d feel comfortable sharing.

He talks about starting Townes’ fan club, Heartworn Highways, Townes partying with Gram Parsons, Townes jamming with The Allman Brothers, Townes’ love of Lightnin’ Hopkins and a lot of other great stories.

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