A week in Nawlins

thanks to everyone that came out to the shows in nawlins. i was fortunate enough to be a small part of a reconstruction effort led by a group of hoosiers that took a week out of their lives to rebuild a house in the 9th ward. there are good folks in this world who are trying their best to help out. now if we can get the white house to do it’s part we might be able to make some headway. individuals can help individuals but it takes a federal government to reclaim a city.

here are some photos of people that i met on the trip

a couple of fellas tryin to beat the heat. the man on the left spent four days stranded on his roof after katrina. he saw dozens of helicopters flying over each day but they never stopped.

he said “my name is stephen as in saint stephen”. i told him that i’ve seen the mummified hand of saint stephen in a cathedral in budapest. he said that it wasn’t his hand and then started talking about the bombing of dresden for twenty minutes.

live oaks are beautiful!

a bible that i found in the wreckage of the lower 9th ward.

this is a photo taken by my buddy todd fox. i think that it sums up the entire experience pretty well. be sure and visit his page at www.myspace.com/toddfoxphotography

here are some random photos of some wonderful street musicians.