Hit and run accident in Chicago

I was in a car accident after playing a memorial show for Utah Phillips in Chicago last week. It was 1:30 a.m. and I was sitting at a stoplight. I sat there for fifteen seconds or so and BAM! I was rear ended and pushed out into the middle of an intersection. I was pretty dazed so I sat there for a few seconds. My glasses were thrown off of my face and I couldn’t find them (they were later found in the back seat). After a half minute or so I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a blurry white car backing up. The car went around my left side and drove off up ahead of me. I squinted and strained trying to see their license plate, but I couldn’t make it out. I’m blind as a bat without my glasses. As they drove by I heard a voice shouting at me out the window. It said “GET THAT BROKE F*CKER OFF THE ROAD, BITCH!” It wasn’t one of humanity’s finest moments.

I called 911 and waited at least a minute or more for someone to pick up the phone (Chuck D was right, 911 is a joke). It took the cops an hour and ten minutes to get to the scene. When they arrived they didn’t even get out of the car. They told me to drive to a police station and fill out a report. I told them that I was from out of state and I had no idea where the closest police station was. They told me that there isn’t a chance in hell of ever catching the person that fled the scene and that I shouldn’t even report it unless I wanted to report a claim to my insurance company. Then they drove off. It was 3:30 am in Chicago. I got in my car and drove to Michigan.

My back and neck hurt like hell for the next few days. I’m feeling fine a week later. My rear passenger side door on my car no longer opens and the rear end looks like hell.

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  1. That dude had to get back to Ravenswood before his old lady found out he went to Chicago without her. He says sorry. 🙂

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