The Basement in Nashville, Tennessee

Photo by Geoff Firebaugh.

It’s hard enough to write and record all of these songs, but then folks expect you to sing them live and remember the words? Bono and Springsteen have fancy gadgets that scroll lyrics to them. Folk singers just ask people to come up on stage and hold the lyric sheet. Luckily my friend, Jeanne Hoffman from the Rust Kings was nice enough to help me through the song. Photo by Geoff Firebaugh.

Hanging with friends after the show. Left to right is Justin Townes Earle, Joe Swank, Otis and Amy Lashley. Photo by Jeff Wall.

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  1. Hey up ! Otis I ‘ve admired your work fer a while now …loving your stuff mate…right on with you labour views and spirit too…also like your lighthearted stuff like ‘small town sat nite’ too..I got quite a few like that myself…I got a new album out June ‘Everything Change’……. hey ! I see JTE in that photo…I recall meeting him in E2 offices in Nashville back in early ’99 he was a young un then ! heheh! my band at that time was over touring the southern states…played all the joints in Nashville….Broken Spoke , Springwater Saloon, Legends, Klub, Wolfys, Sutler.loads more I can’t remember.we headed on down into Alabama and ended up in Texas and then back to Nashville fer another month or so..JTEs Pa was interested fer a while but nothing came of it …ah well ! hey see you on the road one day compadre.! good luck and keep heading down the road ! Bob Smith

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