Touring the Uk and Ireland (part 3)

Grave in Exeter Cathedral. If anyone knows anything about this grave please fill me in.

Graffitied wall in Belfast. Yet another reason to love the Irish!

I’d drive this sucker all over Nashville. I wouldn’t feel great about it on the highway but I’m sure it’s safer than a motorcycle.

Peter Dunwell took this photo of Billy and I in London. I like this one for a few reasons. 1) It’s a nice shot. 2) Billy looks great with that Gibson and I think they should give him this guitar. 3) I look like the guy that is always standing on the side of the stage looking tough while Run DMC or MC Hammer busts out the rhymes.

This was a party for “Jail Guitar Doors”. It’s a very cool organization that Billy set up to send guitars into prisons. It’s a way to reward the best behaved inmates and give them something constructive to work on while they pass time. It has a very good track record of helping rehabilitate inmates and is spoken highly of by wardens in the UK. You can learn more at

Your guess is as good as mine?

Self portrait backstage in Belfast.

This is me on stage at the beautiful, Empire Music Hall in Belfast.

Another grave in Exeter Cathedral.

I have no idea who this is and I’ve never seen the show, but I can say with confidence that this has to be the best ventriloquist act of all time!

****Edit****The lovely and talented Grant Showbiz sent me this little bit of knowledge.

the man with the teeth is not a ventriloquist,but,a guy called Ken Dodd & he’s holding a Diddyman from Knotty Ash…..He is the last of the great Music hall comedians & is about 80 years old now.He’s very funny & does 3 hour sets-yes,even longer than Billys…..He was put on trial for tax evasion about 10 years ago.& basically amused the judge out of jailing him……well worth a google

Someone sent me this photo of Billy and I on stage at Shepherds Bush Empire in London (photographer unknown). If you took this photo, please let me know and I’ll credit you or pull it down.

This was also sent to me by an unknown photographer. It’s a crowd shot of Shepherds Bush Empire in London. If you took this photo, please let me know and I’ll credit you or pull it down.

Thanks for giving a damn,


*****More to come******


  1. Just wanted to let you know…and this may not come as a surprise to you at all, but it did to me and mine. We heard “Caroline” on the radio! NPR station, local format called Roots Rock in Springfield Illinois. I feed the grown children super suppers every Sunday evening, they bring their friends, I force my musical tastes on them ’cause I’m feedin’ em. Bluegrass is a must at 6, but before that- Roots Rock seems to fuel their inner rebels- theyr’e familiar with your CD because I listen to it frequently…anyway, they recognized Caroline, and said-“Hey! Isn’t that the guy with the beard, Otis…?” Which of course made me whip out the CD, the 19 year old lifted it later(as he often does)….anyway, thought this might bring a smile- we were excited for you.

    (Your photographs are as telling as your songs….thanks.) Take care-

  2. Thanks for a great show at the Sheepwalk in Leytonstone, London. Very entertaining. All the best ! Ake

  3. Hi Otis, great show in Manchester despite the small crowd, or perhaps because of the small crowd. The new CD is great. Just a bit more information on Ken Dodd. He’s from Liverpool and lives in an area of Liverpool called Knotty Ash. the dummy is one of the Diddy Men which were part of his radio and TV shows. He also had some hit pop records way back in the 60s. One was called Happiness. Absolute crap songs really but he was quite popular. He’s a Liverpool legend. You’d hate his politics though. He was always a vocal supporter of the Conservative Party.

  4. Hey Otis, I was at the Wolverhampton gig last night, and was blown away, thank you.

    The media here would have us believe that all americans are tub-thumping Bush-backers. Thanks for challenging that notion so powerfully!

    I’m a Baptist minister, and I loved and agreed with the “Preacher Steve” song. I don’t know who’s worse either.

    Grace, peace, and happy travels

  5. Mr Gibbs,

    Saw you in Wolverhampton last night, wish you could have played for longer.Loved the gig. You were made for the Black country, its steeped in folk working class history. Wish I’d have taken the opportunity to meet you after, albeit briefly. Instead I kicked myself from 10 yards away. Being a bit tight has its draw backs.
    Each time I see Billy he introduces us to someone special.
    Hope you get a place of your own one day! So Glad you came.

    By the way does your relationship with Billy work the other way round in the States ie he supports you?! Bet he can’t beat your child minder was an ex con anecdote. Keep em coming.

  6. hi Otis,
    caught you for the second time at Brighton on June 17 with Billy. Saw you first in Hastings last year. Once again a fantastic gig, and was really glad to get the chance to meet you briefly.
    Hope to catch you at one of your own gigs (for a longer set)



  7. Hi Otis,

    Thanks for a magical performance at the Grapes (Sheffield) yesterday evening. It was a real privilege to see you – I hope I get the opportunity again in the future.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your tour.

    Grumpy old gits rule! 😉


    Btw if you’re intrigued by Ken Dodd, you may be ‘tickled’ by this famous clip of him being interviewed alongside the Beatles:

  8. Saw you in the UK with Billy Bragg = great show 🙂
    When are you coming up to Toronto ?????

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