UK tour photos.

Hello friends-
File this in the better late than never category. I learned a few things while touring the UK. Blood Pudding is nothing that a Hoosier needs to partake in, Crumpets are everything that this man needs when he can’t find a biscuit, The Clash played their first gig at The Boardwalk in Sheffield and Americans have no business driving in England! Now on with the photos!

Angel of the North -just outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Statues -where The Tyne meets the North Sea

Scottish border -We hit a snow storm in Scotland that was no fun to drive through. did i mention that Americans should not be allowed to drive in the UK? I can’t describe how cold we were standing there taking this photo. The wind was relentless. It felt like we were being mugged by a gang of snowmen.

More fun in the snow!

It was a great gig in Glasgow!

Freezing my ass off at Stonhenge.

My best buddy Todd with a shameless product endorsement.

I can’t remember where this was taken but i think it was outside of Sheffield.

This is the photo that ended a long friendship. Todd was cussing and complaining about driving in the fog and on the opposite side of the road when he would rather be taking photos. I was leaning out the window when i took this not so great photo. He hasn’t talked to me since.

The Cluny in Newcastle is about as good a gig as a fella could ask for. These are some of the nicest folks and they genuinely love music. What more could you want?

Avebury Ring -This is older than Stonehenge and well worth the drive.

London -We knew it was going to be a good gig when we walked in and saw the Freddy Fender backdrop. This was the rowdiest gig and there were a lot of people singing along to “The Peoples Day.” Good times!

London Swan

Todd in a London subway -I joke about my buddy Todd because he’s a good sport but he’s also a wonderful photographer. Please go visit his photography page by CLICKING HERE and tell him that I said that he’s an asshole!

Protester in London -Although we agreed with most everything that this lady was saying, she was by far the most annoying person I’ve come across in a while. We walked up to her to say hello and she never shut up for the next hour. Literally! I marched in protest to the war before it started with a half a million people in Prague, a few hundred thousand in Vienna and with 18 people in Indianapolis but that lady stole one hour of my life that I’ll never get back. Preaching to the converted or anyone else might be fun on the pulpit but it’s a little tiring in the audience.

My new best friend in London

I’m a long way from Wanamaker.

Chicken coop outside of Gloucester.

Rainbows along the roadside.

The Musician in West Leicester.

I did some shows with Sam Baker on this trip. Sam is a great songwriter and a beautiful man. I strongly urge you to do yourself a favor and listen to sams music by by CLICKING HERE. I recommend “Odessa.” It has a long intro before it gets to the song so be patient. (recommended if you like Townes Van Zandt, Leonard cohen, Tom Waits etc.)

I apologize to the people and the towns that I don’t have photos for. We had very little down time on this trip and the photography suffered because of it. I’ll try to make up for it on the next tour.
Thanks for giving a damn!

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  1. Hi Otis,
    me and my mum had the pleasure of seeing you for the first time last night when we went to the Billy Bragg gig in Northampton. Gotta say buddy you made my night. You rock and that’s all i can really say. Thanks for the memories and keep spreading the message cos one day our whispers will be louder than their screams.
    Rose B.

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