Bolied peanuts and Bottle Rockets.

i was fortunate enough to be invited to tour with the bottle rockets last fall. we did a stretch of dates in the northeastern united states at the end of last year and then a couple weeks in february through the southeast. here are some somewhat random photos of my travels.

this is a boiled peanut stand somewhere in south carolina. i survived on
nothing but boiled peanuts for nine days in a row and i returned a better man
because of it.

chicken reflection -yeehaw junction, florida

bait shop outside of athens, georgia

lincoln memorial -washington, dc

bleachers in arlington cemetery -arlington, va

store wall detail -somewhere in rural georgia

these last three photos were all taken by my buddy todd fox. please click on this link to see more of his photos. he is featured in the current issue of black and white fine art photography magazine. needless to say i’m very happy for him.

me onstage with the bottle rockets in macon, georgia.

hanging backstage with mark and brian of the bottle rockets in charlottesville, va.

onstage in lake worth, florida.

thanks to all of you who came out to the shows and thanks to the bottle rockets for inviting me to tour with them. i have quite a few photos from these dates so i may post a part two photo blog if there is enough interest.

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  1. Hey Otis,

    Great pics!

    Saw you in Nashville awhile back….love your music!


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