Dutch TV

This ended up being a lot of fun, but it started out a bit awkward. I stood there for a while while the host had a conversation with his guests in Dutch. I had no idea what they were saying (I don’t speak Dutch) so I just stood there for a while waiting to hear my name. There’s never a dull moment while traveling. I played a few more songs for the show. If anyone is interested I might post them for you.

Thanks for giving a damn,



  1. Otis

    after a week I’m still singing your songs and searching for video’s to watch
    saw you last weekend 3 shows in a row

    must say you’re the best new artist I discoverd for at least 15 years


    Hope to see you soon somewhere down the road

  2. Hi Otis,
    Can imagine.. but trust me, you didn’t miss a lot of the conversation….
    Was great to have you “In The Woods”, great songs, excellent performance.
    We’ll send you the recording of this evening, it’s a good one.
    Hope to see another time!
    Keep the good work going…. and again, all the best from Tim Grimm ((-;
    Jos — sound engeneer In The Woods —

  3. That’s great that The Netherlands trip seems to be going so well. Please post the rest of the songs.

  4. Yep, you’re sure a keeper Otis, God love ya! Glad to hear you’re being so well recieved like unexpected sunshine, every where you go. Be well-

  5. Hi mate,
    Just wanted to let you know I bought your current album a couple of weeks ago and I am really enjoyingit.
    I work away from home a lot and I have been listening to it on those long drives (you know what I mean).
    Your music and lyrics really ring true,I guess thats what I,m trying to say!
    Keep on keepin on and be lucky mate
    P.S. See you in Newcastle on the 16th May ,my home town,looking forward to it

  6. Hi Otis,
    That sounds really nice. Please post more !

    I hope you’re having a great European tour.
    Take care,

  7. hi otis got to see you in leicester you where great and you got everybody singing.so hope to see you when you get back this way so bye for now Mick

  8. I kind of miss playing drums for you Otis. Long Black Thunder came rolling back to me. Don’t you miss the electric guitar and a rockin’ band?

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