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  1. Hello Otis, I give a damn too ! I also love Adam Carroll, he is one of my favorite. I was hitch hikkin out of Kerrville one time headed fer Houston.Just spent 11 days at the Kerrville Folk Festival,a guy picked me up and lucky me , he was going to louisianna. I never rode in a Subaru, how ever it was a nice ride,when he dropped me off he asked if I had an 8 track player, which I said yes , he gave me a box of tapes and the first one was John Prine, ( John Prines Greatest Hits ) after listening to this I went out and bought every John Prine album I could find. Like you did Adams. And when I saw Adam, likes John, I liked him even more.I really like your show and want more of it, I would love to get on your mailing list, if I could. I love your style, and you sound like Chris Hirsh from K P F T radio in Houston , Biue Grass Radio.

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