Episode 72: Hayes Carll (Part 2)

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Hayes talks about his sports prognostication skills, making sports bets with fans, Bob Schneider stories, behaving badly at The Saxon Pub, playing smaller venues, Todd Snider’s dog lamp, Todd Snider stories, false rumors of a Wyoming mental institution, being detained at the Canadian border, a $500 orange, dealing with anxiety attacks, etc.

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  1. Truly an enjoyable listen. My 1st time to hear Hayes was as opener for Todd’s What The Folk bill at the Belcourt along with Tommy Womack and Jeff Austin from YMSB. Had never heard of him. Laughed and listened to his set. Bought Flowers & Liquor and Little Rock on-line when I got home that night. 2005 I think? Wow, could it possibly have been almost 10 years ago?

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