1. Thought I ought to take the time to look you up…saw you in Sprinfield, Il-Friday evening. Completely deshackled. Impressed with your authentic self and songs. Enjoyed so much of what I was discovering, bought a CD, asked if you’d clean my gutters…I wasn’t serious, well- kind of sort of. See, you’re the kind of soul I wouldn’t mind discovering more of…had to do a presentation on sustainable farming the following morning. Listened to the CD during the long drive there- listened to it again on the reverse road-Damn Me is damned good, hell- it’s great brother. And now- a photographer too, welcome to Illinois, sorry about the fender bender- mostly rats here I suppose, although me and mine are pretty mousy- and we don’t race much either. Loved ya, love this- thanks so much for doing it- being true to yourself and kind to others…even mice. Your charm is perceptible, and mighty mighty amazing. Take care-

  2. A friend (well a songwriter that does FAWM and 50 songs in 90 days with me, well she’s been doing it longer than I have… well… oh never mind) just went to England for 16 days I believe it was. All she took was one carry on bag (granted she left her piano and keyboard in Madison) and survived just fine. Might I suggest in the future you cram some clothes and basic essentials in carry-on? Apparently the lost luggage is pretty common when it comes to bearded homeless Germans. or Homeless Americans in Germany I guess.

    Thanks for the pics. Great stuff.

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