Transporting human remains

I’ve become obsessed with reading through the jobs section of craiglist. It’s amazing what employers expect workers to do for so little money. This is a perfect example. After reading the listing I felt compelled to email the guy and find out more about the job.


transporting human remains
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Date: 2008-04-23, 8:21AM

Applicants must live in the Madison/Inglewood area or around these areas. Please don’t email about this if you live outside Davidson County. Our response time is crucial. Drivers will be loading and transporting human remains. Must be over 21 yrs of age due to insurance restrictions, able to lift 150+ pounds, valid drivers license and clean driving record. Drivers needed are for days or nights. Weekend work also available. Pay varies…drivers paid per call. If interested, email me with your name and number. Will get back to you as quick as I can. Thank you for your patience.


I live in East Nashville and am interested in this job. Give me a call and I’ll tell you more about myself and you can tell me more about the job.
Thank you kindly


This job isn’t for everyone.? We go on crime scenes and house calls. We are responsible for placing the body in the body bag and transporting to the Medical Examiner?or Funeral home.? This job does require someone that can lift 150+ lbs.??Most calls you will have another person helping you.? I am needing someone that can be on call for 24hrs and can go when called.? Time off is fine as long as we have?enough notice.? We provide the van that you will need for transporting.? You are paid per call and most calls don’t go over an hour.? We do have a dress code that has to be followed – no blue jeans or?t-shirts.


I’m still interested and I understand why this might not be for everyone. You say that the pay varies, does this mean that some calls pay more than others or does this simply mean that some weeks you get more calls than others? How does the payroll work and what does the job pay? What’s the lowest amount I should expect to be payed per call and what is the highest amount.
Thank ya kindly


Pay depends on how many calls you go on that week. In town (local) calls pay $12.50 for first hr then after that it goes over that first hr, pay moves to $8.00/hr…out of town calls pay $8.00/hr. Calls are based on how many deaths there are for the companies we contract with. Some weeks may be very busy, some may be slow. It comes and goes. Most of the guys now avg. $200-$400/wk – this is based on the number of calls that you want. Sometimes you may be where you can’t go (eating dinner, etc.) so you can’t take it. The more calls you take, the more money you make. Smile You are paid by check on Fridays we provide van and all needed supplies including gas for van. If still interested, let me know and I will get your number to the owner.

Thanks again.


Thanks for sending that but in all honesty I was expecting this to pay better. If I understand correctly, I can expect to get a call at 3am, get out of bed and go load a dead body? Since most calls take an hour I can expect to make $12.50 for that? I’m truly not trying to be difficult but that’s a lot to ask of someone for so little return. If I’m misunderstanding something please let me know.
Thank you for your time.