Billy Bragg tour

in early spring of this year a friend of ours in austin, texas (laura thomas) asked if i’d be interested in playing at a homeless shelter in austin during south by southwest. we said yes. she asked us to pick between two days and we said that it didn’t matter to us. she said that she needed us to decide so….we flipped a coin and chose friday. she then informed us that we would be playing at the homeless shelter with billy bragg! billy and i ended up having a great conversation and he enjoyed my set so much that he asked me if i’d be interested in doing some shows with him. i was more than happy to take him up on his offer.

me and billy at caritas soup kitchen in austin, texas.

billy at the alladin theater in portland, oregon.

i didn’t have much spare time to take photographs but i did manage to take a few. here are some random images.

salmon ladder in seattle, washington.

fishermen in fog seattle, washington.

i have no idea what this game is called or how to play it but i really enjoyed watching the old men sit around playing it. two men would play while a dozen or so would stand around cheering and laughing (most likely trash talking). i watched for two hours or so. san francisco, california.

i’m not sure whose grave this is but i found it to be interesting. hollywood, california.

grant, mushi, billy, vaughn and andy. billy is blessed with some wonderful folks around him. there was no shortage of laughs back stage!

if you have any photos of the shows please feel free to post them here.