Deep in the heart of Texas.

war mother.

he said that his name is jack marvin and that he is lee marvins cousin. i don’t know if it’s true but i do know that he was the most cantanquerous person i’ve met in quite a while. he served in three wars and didn’t like to talk about it. he spends most of his time sitting on a park bench in san antonio whistling at girls passing by.

this might be the smartest bird i’ve ever seen. it was waiting for cars to pull of the highway and park in the lot across the street from the alamo. after the people left it would swoop down and eat dead insects off the grill of the car. pretty damn bright for a bird!

derrick frazier was executed two days after this photo was taken.

self portrait in a funhouse mirror.

carls corner truck stop.

these last few photos are of the residents and sights of luchenbach, texas.