Episode 26: Gurf Morlix

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Gurf talks about borrowing blues records from a 12 year old Peter Case, Bobo Brazil, Larry McMurty’s bookstore, staying in a haunted hotel with Sam Baker, working with Lucinda Williams, his cabin in the Canadian wilderness, prison chain gang records and Ray Wylie Hubbard, seeing Blaze Foley play a gig in a disco, Blaze’s funeral, Townes Van Zandt singing in cajun gibberish, Townes wailing on a pawn shop saxophone, etc.


  1. geweldige 'thanks for giving a damn', aanrader!

  2. love the fishing story and the Townes insight…saw Gurf at a house concert in Guelph many moons ago, along with Slaid, they were on their way to Fred's picnic gig…I swear I'm gonna get those guys to Sandy Gray this year no matter what, even if I have to lie about how good the fishing is this year.

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