Episode 27: Susan Cowsill

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Susan talks about sitting on Johnny Cash’s knee, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, singing a duet with Dean Martin, shoplifting with Marcia Brady, hanging with Charles Nelson Reilly and Michael Landon, doing milk commercials, Carl Reiner and Hair, life after Hurricane Katrina, etc.


  1. all this and making two of the finest albums by anybody over the last decade ! Loves to you always, Susan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WHAT A TREAT to hear this interview. It made my day! Thank you, Susan, and thank you Otis Gibbs.

  3. Susan's the best! Loved hearing this. Been a Cowsills fan sice Susan first sweetly sang, "See how the clouds move byyy." Susan sent me the 2nd mix of her first album when I ordered "Lighthouse". Both fantastic albums. She just plain rocks. Thanks Otis Gibbs, for having Susan on. Love you Susan!

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