Episode 50: Otis Gibbs

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Otis talks about playing a biker gang’s clubhouse in Illinois, growing up in Wanamaker, the art of avoiding time share meetings, meeting Ernie Ladd, being banned from local wrestling matches at a diesel garage, living on $300 a month, living with 10 people in a 2 bedroom apartment, almost shaking hands with Johnny Cash, terrible interview stories, reasons for deciding to do this show, thoughts on 50 episodes, music industry people discovering this show, etc.


  1. Happy first anniversary. You do nice work, and I hope (selfishly perhaps!) that you can keep the podcasts going for a good while.

    It may seem a small thing, but I’ve been impressed by how good your shows sound. It’s amazing to me how sloppy, noisy and just plain bad many folks’ efforts can be. And don’t let me start on Youtube sound quality! Even on audio books, poetry readings and things where I would expect at least listenable sound, or why bother posting it. For rare archival footage, something taped off an old television show and the like, I can be fairly tolerant. But the videos of recent performances –and so proudly flauntinng their “HD” status — can still sound … abysmal or worse. Okay, end of rant. But I repeat, your stuff sounds great, and I appreciate that, as well as the interesting content, colorful characters and stories you find. Thank you. – Linda

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